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Points will be used to give my sweety, the queen, a gift<3

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Nelly "Evosium" M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

:iconlinakiishatu: Evosium's sweetheart.

Official Voices
:iconevosium: Voice of King Boo/Boolossus.
:iconnerdlebooyimi: Voice Of The Minions.
:iconshadowlord90: Voice of E. Gadd.

:iconshadowlord90: The TF2 Raichu Minion.
:iconnerdlebooyimi: The Genuine Minion.
:iconduskjungala: The Solar Fox Minion.
:iconkittyroo: The Tumblr Minion.
:iconknucklesgirl123: The Ninja Minion.
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:iconlunarempress: The Tengu Reporter Minion.
:iconpaperlillie: The Paper Rainbow Minion.
:iconcutecuteminacolgate: The Twin Boo Minion.
:iconraccrew: The Raccoon Charmer Minion.
:iconriftflare: The Pyro Minion.
:iconcharmeleongirl46: The Golden Charminion.
:iconsarcasticcatgirllisa: The Yin-Yang Minion.
:iconallstarms: The Ramdomly Appearing Minion.
:icondomotroll: Canadian.
:iconicyshadowlord: The Headbanging Minion.
:iconmysto7: The Fear Loving Minion.
:iconbrandithebisharp: The Shape shifting Minion.
:iconblukirby: The Blue Kirby Minion.
:iconmudkipmudpies: The Mudkip Minion.
:iconyugijak: The Commentary Minion.
:iconsmuttyfanfictions: The Smut Minion( and Booship's sister).
:iconsieghart123: Normal Fanfiction/Furrsona Minion.
:iconlittlegirl16: The Unique Species Minion.
:icontoothyandpichu9998: The Evil Pichu Minion.

Warning: Not safe for work content!



Games created by me:
"The Dumbest Sh*t":…

Games I want to make:
-Twitch Plays Pokemon Game with detailed story.
-Experimental Exploration Game.
-Doctor Who RPG Season 1.
-Battle Testing Games.
-Mario and Luigi VS Original Donkey Kong.

Desired Goal:

-Luigi's Mansion RPG

Note me for my 3DS friend code. My friend Safari contains fire Pokemon! As well as a Braixen!

-King of Ghosts.
-Happiest Dude Ever.
-Voice Actor.
-Dark Brotherhood Leader.
-Massive Mario Fan.
-Pokemon Trainer.
-Pokemon Champion.
-Pokemon Breeder.
-Nintendo Fan.
-Time Traveling Dalek Doctor with an elevator TARDIS.
-RPG Maker Owner.
-Graphic Designer.
-Most Incredible Man Ever!

Voice acting as:
-King Boo
-Dark Star Core

My name is Evosium! I enjoy video games, mostly on anything Nintendo. I love humanizing just about anything, but mostly villains. Sadly though, I'm not exactly the best artist. Sometimes, one thing always seem to be a challenge. I do however, have a lot of ideas I want to share. I also keep myself up to date with the latest events of the world.

If you love what I do, show your support with a Watch, a read of my journal entries, favs, notes, and comments. I respond to every comment and reply because I check my inbox for comments... a lot :D

Also: I think I might be nuts. Not sure.
 Hello my minions and watchers~

 I'm still in brief inactivity. Doing homework at the moment. Afterwards, study up on my Math. In the meantime, I'm gonna share some stuff with you.

 Tomorrow is the 7th month between me and my dearest Queen. I recently found out that not only did we play Pokemon X and Y sometime after it's release, but we both finished it on the same day! October 14th, 2013! As if that wasn't crazy enough, e met just because I played King Boo, who is dubbed "The 14th King". My favorite number is 14. The day I submitted the first image of King Boo on this account was February 14th, 2013! Sometimes, we accidentally do or say the same thing at the same time! It happens almost every week.


 I know this phrase is used a lot, but I swear: we are literally made for one another! This is the happiest I've ever been with anyone for a consistent amount of time. Yet our distance does not hinder our ability to connect with one another. If anything, I'm even more driven to hug her.

 Which leads me to of course, another thing that makes my classes a priority. The ability to study, leads to the opportunity to eventually work and earn money at a professional level. I reject those who say "it won't last" to me. A lot of important factors plays into a single relationship, but one of them is simply this:

 Your lover is your last. There must not be anymore exs. You work to make sure of that. Even when I wasn't in love, I had to make myself improve as a person. Being with me, in my opinion, is difficult. Very very difficult. Anything about me can go wrong, at least in mental state. I'm find now, yeah, but that was the result of being with someone who knows exactly what to do. Someone who does have the strength to deal and fix my issues, It took months, but I'm recovering. Those who are invested in friendship or love ultimately do get rewarded, as long as the other plays their part as well.

 But you don't force kindness or understanding... it comes natural. It comes week after week of talking to someone, greeting them, enduring hardships... it's a big list. The queen herself advises that what matters the most is now. Now is important. Put aside the then so that now is more important.

 I kept her advise to heart. Even using it to help others once in awhile. Hell, even applied it personally. That's her effect on me. A genuine, strong effect. Something I've never felt before, even when I first dated so long ago.

 I know things will continue to go well. I have no doubts, no second thoughts, nothing like that. I aim to hit my first ever first year and onward. Never have I reached a first year anniversary.

 When you're with someone, you tend to see the world differently. I believe that I'm not supposed  to be the world's greatest boyfriend or man.

 I'm supposed to be the best possible boyfriend for the Queen. I'm don't have to compete for anyone. She's already mine, and I'm already her's.

 I do pity those who do go through a very very long period of suffering. I forgot how long I had to deal with things I would never ask for. A lot of my issues did come from former friends, rather then strangers or bullies. If anything, I can finally rest easily...

 ... but there is more work to be done. There is always a future to strive for. Every human life is precious, including the self as well.

 The queen and I are just a couple. We're weird, we're loud, we have our own psychotic moment... but we're identical in what we do.

 One of these days minions, you'll see us both in a single picture together. Not a drawing. A genuine picture of us finally together after years of hard work and savings.

 Happy 7th months to both me and the Queen! We're spending it together, just like always!

 Will I be drawing any time soon? Hard to say. Be patient! I'm an artist deep down and that will never change!

 After all... that's how it all started~

  • Mood: Passionate
  • Listening to: Five Nights at Freddy's song!

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