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Nelly "Evosium" M.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

:iconlinakiishatu: Evosium's sweetheart.

Official Voices
:iconevosium: Voice of King Boo/Boolossus.
:iconnerdlebooyimi: Voice Of The Minions.
:iconshadowlord90: Voice of E. Gadd.

:iconshadowlord90: The TF2 Raichu Minion.
:iconnerdlebooyimi: The Genuine Minion.
:iconduskjungala: The Solar Fox Minion.
:iconkittyroo: The Tumblr Minion.
:iconknucklesgirl123: The Ninja Minion.
:iconaqua-the-decepticon: The Faving Minion.
:iconlunarempress: The Tengu Reporter Minion.
:iconpaperlillie: The Paper Rainbow Minion.
:iconcutecuteminacolgate: The Twin Boo Minion.
:iconraccrew: The Raccoon Charmer Minion.
:iconriftflare: The Pyro Minion.
:iconcharmeleongirl46: The Golden Charminion.
:iconsarcasticcatgirllisa: The Yin-Yang Minion.
:iconallstarms: The Ramdomly Appearing Minion.
:icondomotroll: Canadian.
:iconicyshadowlord: The Headbanging Minion.
:iconmysto7: The Fear Loving Minion.
:iconbrandithebisharp: The Shape shifting Minion.
:iconblukirby: The Blue Kirby Minion.
:iconmudkipmudpies: The Mudkip Minion.
:iconyugijak: The Commentary Minion.
:iconsmuttyfanfictions: The Smut Minion( and Booship's sister).
:iconsieghart123: Normal Fanfiction/Furrsona Minion.
:iconlittlegirl16: The Unique Species Minion.
:icontoothyandpichu9998: The Evil Pichu Minion.
:icontheofficialteampasta: The Creepy Pasta Minion.
:iconninjagosenpai: The Kitty Senpai Minion.

Warning: Not safe for work content!



Games created by me:
"The Dumbest Sh*t":…

Games I want to make:
-Twitch Plays Pokemon Game with detailed story.
-Experimental Exploration Game.
-Doctor Who RPG Season 1.
-Battle Testing Games.
-Mario and Luigi VS Original Donkey Kong.

Desired Goal:

-Luigi's Mansion RPG

Note me for my 3DS friend code. My friend Safari contains fire Pokemon! As well as a Braixen!

-King of Ghosts.
-Happiest Dude Ever.
-Voice Actor.
-Dark Brotherhood Leader.
-Massive Mario Fan.
-Pokemon Trainer.
-Pokemon Champion.
-Pokemon Breeder.
-Nintendo Fan.
-Time Traveling Dalek Doctor with an elevator TARDIS.
-RPG Maker Owner.
-Graphic Designer.
-Most Incredible Man Ever!

Voice acting as:
-King Boo
-Dark Star Core

My name is Evosium! I enjoy video games, mostly on anything Nintendo. I love humanizing just about anything, but mostly villains. Sadly though, I'm not exactly the best artist. Sometimes, one thing always seem to be a challenge. I do however, have a lot of ideas I want to share. I also keep myself up to date with the latest events of the world.

If you love what I do, show your support with a Watch, a read of my journal entries, favs, notes, and comments. I respond to every comment and reply because I check my inbox for comments... a lot :D

Also: I think I might be nuts. Not sure.
 Sup friends and minions~

 Sorry if I seem away for a long while. New watchers might not have known this. Basically, I'm still studying hard so art is hard to do. I've dedicated time to work and homework more often then art. Believe me, I have one particular idea I want to do in November. Something to dedicate the release of Pokémon ORAS~

 I've also learned about audio editing. Specifically, something of a certain... robotic quality~ Perhaps I might do something before Halloween~ Maybe.

 The queen and I are doing quite well. Our 9th is just around the corner~ Most artwork I do is mostly doodles for the beloved queen. I've been wanting to get her something sweet, so I'm very likely going to attend Animate Miami, sunday.

 Freaking wow... Cartoon Network is gone from Dish Network.

 FNAF2!!! Excited for it ;w; Me and the queen have been talking about to the point where she started making designs based on the new animatronics... or rather "the children". GOD.... I WANNA DRAW SO BAD YOU GUYS ;-;

 FREAKING 800 WORD PAPER... that ain't hard right? I make 800 words with every journal entry wot wot.

 I played Smash 4 like crazy... but sort of stopped once I had the money to at least have a taste of Fire emblem: Awakening. When I'm not studying, I tend to play it. My thought? SHIPS. SHIPS EVERYWHERE. I HAVE BECOME BOOSHIP. NEVER HAVE I SMILED SO HARD OVER A GAME IN MY LIFE!

 Maybe one project wouldn't hurt. Hell, I don't have a lot to worry about math... though let's just say I need more help in it next year x.x

 ALSO! To my excitement and surprise! The Grumps have started to play Luigi's Mansion! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! NINTENDO BETTER MAKE A THIRD ONE ;-; Funny that I actually looked up the opening to Dark Moon. Geez.... I seem to lack time in my own project. Lately the focus is geared towards music. I haven't written a line yet since that by itself seems too long to do. Mentally, I've been trying to improve on it. The queen and I do a lot of RPs that have inspired me completely. Most of the original concepts are still there, but her input has added a greater sense of drama... at least... that's how I see it. Hard to say what was changed or what was added. She's usually the one who gets the final say in the actual project... voices included XD

 I've been so proud of this project that it almost hurts that I still can't find a way to work on it during studies... but oh well. I think before I reach that point, best I at least gather more and more watchers and supporters. I have 145 backing me up, though some are doubles while others are inactive. Once my Argumentative Paper is finished by November 3rd, I can at least take a break. Though... I'm unsure what will happen afterwards.

 There will come a day in which I'll finally be able to have all the data needed to start my project. It is by far the most extensive project that has my complete dedication. I keep track of the notes, the songs, the concept doodles... but of course the hard part is how to approach it correctly. Yes RPG Maker makes it possible to construct a game, but naturally... I'm a show off :P

 I've seen the games made from it, I've seen the RPG Horrors, I've seen the best and worst to come out of it so I ain't dropping it~  Even if it takes me many years, I seriously need to do this project. Hell... I'll go fanboy mode if I heard of a 3rd game being made. Oh the ideas I have for the 1st and 2nd tributes *^*

 Anyways, best I get to work. I need to lighten some homework before attempting to do something for Halloween. Afraid Halloween will be my busiest day. Me and the queen intend to spend it together in the same way we spent our first movie night~

 With Nightmare Before Christmas~

 ... Which I'm still confused about. Is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie? It's such a strange hybrid that it's easy to call it both. The movie was released around the 29th... yet the focus was on Christmas for the majority of the film. Damn... I really want a Tim Burton film based on something other then a remake ;-; a musical!

 ... Damn I wanna see a musical so badly. Of what... I don't know.

 Oh wait, I said I better get back to work. Brain ain't working out for me~ Later minions~

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Five Nights at Freddy's song!
  • Reading: School Stuff
  • Watching: Game Grumps
  • Playing: Fire Emblem Awakening
  • Eating: cookies
  • Drinking: Water/Soda

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